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                                 November 11,  2016 

Monday Morning League:  League over for this year.

Weekend Sweeps: No sweeps for rest of season.

Wednesday Twilight League: League Finals: Jeff Hevey's Team beat Keith Lefebvre's Team 34 to 33.5.Top Dogs Results 1.Jeff Hevey 2. Jason Dubois 3. Ken Gelinas 4. Tom Plante 5. Leon Paquin 6. tie Steve Benson & John Conley 7. Don Laflamme 8. Dan Letellier. Net: Lee Hall #2. Brant Belanger #17.           

Member/Member  1st: Gross Craig Perham&Chris Perham 66. 2nd: Keith Lefebvre&Frank Libby 70. 3rd: Ken Gelinas&Derrick Vezina 71. Net: Dana Hevey&Jeff Hevey 55.75. 2nd: Andy Drapeau&Bob Libby 56.85. 3rd: Ernie Hebert&Carroll McMillan 57.80.

Thursday Morning League: Scramble:(All Birdies Count) Winners: Leon Paquin, John Burns, Carl Johnson, -5. Final scramble of the season.

 Friday Night Frolic: Gross 1st:Craig Perham, Regina Perham, Kevin Salvo, Stacy Salvo, 32(MC). 2nd: Dan Roche, Pam Roche, Jeremy Goulet, Christine Goulet, 32(MC). Net: 1st: Nancy Sprague, Clyde Sprague, Bobbie Jablonski, Kevin Lamb, Allison Bean,29. 2nd: Bekah Caron, Scott Caron, Chris Simmons, Leah Simmons, 30. 

Lucien Bourque Medalist: Flight "A" Gross: Paul Champagne 158, 2nd: Frank Libby 160: Net: Jeff Hevey 139, 2nd: Mike Mackinnon 140. Flight "B" Gross: Chris Perham,162, 2nd: Tom Plante 172. Net: Ken Gelinas 138, 2nd: Gordon Merrick 141.

2 Ball Championship Ken Gelinas and Lisa Getchell defeated John Duross and Matt Duross in the finals. 3rd Place went to the teams of Mike Dion/ Roger Labranche,and Scott Caron/Joey Marino. 5th Place teams of Norm Carpenter/Ben Fortier, Chris Simmons/Leah Simmons, Connor Hevey/Norm Hevey,and Tim Angle/Derrick Vezina.

The President's Cup  The Ladies Tournament The winner was Bonnie Jablonski. The Men's Tournament The winner was Scott Caron. 2nd: Paul Champagne. 3rd: Brant Belanger, Dan Roche. 5th: Dick Thibault, Mikol Jim, Jeff Caron, John Conley.    

Senior Club Championship:  Class "A": Gross;1st: Boyd Swenson 159. 2nd: Frank Libby 161. Net: Bob Libby 139. 2nd : Mike Mackinnon 142. Class"B": Gross:1st: Mike Paquin 163 Playoff. 2nd: Tom Plante 163. 3rd: Keith Fuller 167. 4th: John Duross 138. Net: 1st: Leon Paquin 130. 2nd: Marc Chantigny 132. 3rd: John Conley 133. 4th: Kevin Mathieu 135.

Ladies Member Guest: "1st"Flight: Helen Treadwell, Stephanie Babin, Patty Good, Nancy Bither. "2nd" Flight: Sandy Curro, Donna Daly, Bonnie Cote, Deb Barry.3rd"Flight" : Nancy Phillips, Kathy Leahy, Peg Wheatley, Cheryl Williams.4th"Flight": Linda Morris, Barbara Mills, Shelley Danis, Mary Danis. 

Club Championship: "A" Flight - Brian MacDonald defeated Craig Perham ."B" Flight- Jeff Caron defeated Derek Bisson. "C" Flight Mikol Jin defeated Brant Belanger.

Dutch Elm Cup(Pinehurst): Net 1st Ken Gelinas, Lisa Getchell 53.25. 2nd: Dana Hevey, Chris Simmons 55.85, 3rd: Jeff Goodwin, Derek Bisson 57.85. 4th: Jeff Hevey, Leah Simmons 60.25, Tim Angel, Derrick Vezina 60.25. 6th: Tom Plante, Derek Bisson 60.85. 7th: Lee Chad Chasse, Ed Berry 61.70. Low Gross: Keith Lefebvre, Frank Libby 69.

Ladies Club ChampionshipClass A 1st: Laura Warner 86. 2nd: Helen Treadwell 96. 3rd: Eileen Chenard 100. Class B 1st: Sandra Curro 96. 2nd: Bonnie Jablonski 99. 3rd: Prudie Duross 105. 4th: Elaine Hevey 110. Class C   1st: Peg Wheatley 117. 2nd Dana Hevey, Nancy Sprague 118. 4th: Paulette Arel 132.

Member Field Day: Scramble:1st:Brian Macdonald,Phil Labbe,Tom Engler,Quinn Macdonald, 61. 2nd: Tim Angel,Adam Smith,Ralph Bean,Paulette Arel,62. 3rd: Dan Roche,Dennis McDonald,Roger Ruel,Scott Beaulieu,Delaney Roche, 63(MC). 4th: Frank Libby,Bob Soderlund,Lee-Chad Chasse,Rueban Sevigny,63(MC). 5th: Jason Dubois,KevinLamb,Ray Rousselle,Carol Mackinnon, 63(MC).

D&D Cup The final results were 13.5 for Dutch Elm and 13.5 for Deep Brook. The cup is retained for another year, as 14 points were needed by Deep Brook to capture the cup.

Gold Ball-1st: Bill White, Derrick Vezina, Helen Treadwell, Richard Banville, 148. 2nd: Scott Curtis, Jeff Parry, Mark Gerding, Mike Paquin, Linda Curtis, 149. 3rd: Brian MacDonald, Dennis McDonald, Andy Drapeau, Peg Wheatley, 151. Last Place: Ken Gelinas,Jack Leclair, Don Dubois, Lisa Getchell, 161.

Cry Baby:  1st: Jeff Parry, Mark Gerding, Scott Beaulieu, Tony Bauer, Lionel Desilva, 68. 2nd: Craig Perham, Leon Paquin, Dan Letellier, Regina Perham, Peg Wheatley, 69(MC). 3rd: Chris Perham, Mike Paquin, Rick Horrigan, Geoff Boardman, 69(MC). 4th: Jeff Hevey, Derrick Vezina, Carroll McMillan, Marc Chantigny, Dana Hevey, 70.

Turkey Shoot Gross: 1st: Craig Perham 78. 2nd: Craig Perham 79. 3rd: Connor MacDonald 80. 4th: Brian MacDonald,Keith Lefebvre 84. Net:Jeff Perham 68. 2nd: Scott Beaulieu 69. 3rd: Carroll Mcmillan 71. 4th: Scott Caron,John Conley 76.

                                          Congratulations to all!


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